Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

NACoA offers online meetings for families of addicts and provides resources to help family members deal with addiction and recovery issues. The website has resources on communities, suicide prevention, military suicide, youth education, bullying and post-traumatic stress, and addiction challenges. There is also a growing community of caring individuals who can help support families in need. Regardless of where you find support, NACoA is an important resource for those dealing with addiction and recovery.

Learn to Cope

For loved ones of an addict, an online support network such as Learn to Cope can be of great help. The non-profit group offers peer support, education, and resources, as well as hope for a healthy life. Its Massachusetts meetings feature Guest Speakers from long-term recovery and professionals in the field. It also offers Narcan training to Massachusetts residents. While the organization primarily serves addicts and their families, it has a wide range of services for families.

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One of the most important things for family members to know is the disease of addiction. While no one can prevent the addiction of a loved one, family members can offer their support by learning about the disease and how to deal with the addict. This includes setting firm boundaries and staying honest and consistent with your approach. The online meetings for families of addicts can help you cope with these challenges and make sure your loved one gets the help he or she needs.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery online meetings for families of addicted individuals are free to attend and provide many benefits. Participants will learn self-acceptance and empowerment techniques. In addition, they will learn from others’ experiences of drug dependence and tolerance and how to move on. If you are suffering from addiction, contact a substance abuse treatment program for assistance. It is important to remember that there is always hope and there is help available.

Many online recovery meetings use video conference calls, which allow participants to engage in more non-verbal communication. Additionally, participants are free to choose whether they want to be seen or remain anonymous. Some programs also have chat room texting features, which allow participants to interact without exposing their identities. Online recovery meetings are available on many platforms and websites. They are convenient and comfortable for participants. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, online meetings are a great way to stay connected to support others struggling with their own struggles.


The Nar-Anon support group is open to family members of addicts, and you can find a meeting near you using the website. You can join a meeting online or through a snail-mail request. The website will provide you with meeting guidelines, literature, and other information to get started. Then, all you have to do is spread the word about the new group. Many Nar-Anon groups meet virtually, but some continue to meet in person.

You can search for a meeting in your area by ZIP code. The meeting times and locations are updated regularly. Check the website often, or use your cell phone to keep up with the changes. Meetings are not necessarily in the same location each week, and you should note any changes at the entrance. Nar-Anon has a global map, and you can search for local meetings by ZIP code.

Johnson Intervention

The Johnson Intervention is a form of intervention in which the family members or friends of an addicted individual confront the person and suggest that they seek treatment. The Johnson Model relies on direct threats of consequences as a way of persuading the addict to seek treatment. This method has been proven effective in resolving addiction. It also involves professional help to plan and implement an effective intervention. In most cases, an addict can be successfully intervened through the Johnson Model.

The Johnson Intervention has a number of advantages. The program emphasizes family involvement, and encourages more family members and friends to attend. In addition, a family member or friend who is not able to attend in person can participate virtually by joining an online meeting. The CRAFT method also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the addict and his or her family. By fostering this bond, the addict can be motivated to seek treatment.


ACA is an organization for adults who have grown up in homes dominated by an alcoholic parent. The group provides literature and support for those whose families were destroyed by addiction. These meetings are held in person, on the internet, and through Skype. For more information, you can go to a meeting near you, or search for one in your area. This is an excellent resource for people affected by alcoholism or drug addiction in their families.

ACA online meetings for families of addicts follow a strict schedule. Meetings generally begin with a Serenity Prayer and readings. After the Serenity Prayer, attendees share their experiences and discuss topics. Most ACA meetings last sixty to ninety minutes, and are open for questions. Usually, families of alcoholics are not aware of the availability of such meetings. They often feel isolated, with no support group near their home.