Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

Online meetings for families of addicts can provide a great source of information. There are many different types of such groups, including Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Learn to Cope. These organizations are all run by trained therapists and can help families cope with the issues brought on by the addict in their lives. You can also search for public family groups in your area by using the Addiction Treatment Helpline.


Al-Anon online meetings are an increasingly popular way to connect with other members of the addiction support community. These meetings are held in a virtual environment using software such as Zoom or Skype to allow members to interact virtually. These virtual meetings are not as intimate as in-person meetings but can provide valuable support. Other Al-Anon programs offer phone meetings, chat features on their website, and podcasts, which allow members to discuss their experiences and learn from other families.

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The family members of an addicted person are affected by their loved one’s addiction in many ways. They may feel guilty for putting their loved one through the agony of addiction. They may also have difficulty understanding the process of recovery. Online meetings are an ideal way to connect with other families who are struggling with the same issues. These meetings are widely accessible and completely free. For families of addicts, the free resources offered by Al-Anon can help them cope with the challenges of recovery.

Families Anonymous

The 12-Step Program of Families Anonymous is a great place to find support and information if you are a family member of an addict. This fellowship is for adult friends and family members of addicts, and focuses on integrating twelve traditions into the healing process. Meetings help you cope with the stress of dealing with an addict, including the emotional toll of a loved one’s addiction. Families Anonymous helps you focus on yourself during the chaos of an addict’s addiction, putting a spotlight on the destructive behaviors that result from codependency.

A great place to start is by attending a local meeting of Families Anonymous. The organization also has meetings online. You can read about the steps of the program and watch videos. There is a directory of local meetings, and the official website has a free pamphlet titled “Are you torn apart trying to deal with a substance abuser?”


Many times, we can find ourselves in the role of caregiver for an addict, which can cause us to feel isolated and alone. This isolation can lead to an unhealthy codependency on the addict. Our family members can feel lost when they no longer need our help. At the same time, we may subconsciously attempt to sabotage the addict. It is important to identify the signs of codependence in our own lives, and to work on overcoming them.

Family members of addicts often feel forgotten or left behind by the recovery process. Nar-Anon meetings offer a way for them to find peace and serenity. They are not alone, and they can be found with other families facing the same struggles. A family member’s support system is essential in the recovery process, and this group can be a lifeline. Nar-Anon online meetings for families of addicts are designed to provide that support.

Learn to Cope

A peer-led support group for families of addicts, Learn to Cope, has been meeting in Massachusetts since 2004. The group has over 10,000 members on its private online forum, and 25 local meetings. While most of the meetings focus on the needs of families with addictions, they are also open to all family members of people suffering from any type of substance use disorder. Meetings also include guest speakers, usually local professionals in the field or individuals who have successfully recovered from addiction.

Online meetings for families of addicts are a good option for family members struggling to cope with the problem of an addicted loved one. Nar-Anon Family Groups offer a step-by-step approach to helping families cope with the effects of addiction. Moreover, these meetings help family members to build coping mechanisms by participating in other families’ experiences. Families of addicts are encouraged to attend these meetings as they share their experiences and share their thoughts with each other.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery online meetings for families of addiction patients can help you and your loved one understand the process of recovering from an addiction. There are many benefits of attending meetings, such as self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and peer discussion. You will also gain a better understanding of drug tolerance and dependence. You will also learn to develop a plan for moving forward. There are many ways to learn more about this program and its benefits.

SMART Recovery Online meetings are available almost every day of the week and can take place anywhere with a stable Internet connection. Online meetings are held in chat rooms and video rooms, so participants can remain anonymous. Because they are held online, you can participate at any time, from home, to work, without worry of judgment. Online meetings are also convenient and comfortable. Families can attend them anytime, regardless of where they live.