Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

There are many ways to find help for your loved one who is an addict. You can find help from organizations like Nar-Anon, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, and Recovering Couples Anonymous. These organizations are devoted to the well-being of their members, and you can find them online. In addition, you can use the internet to find online meetings for families of addicts. Here are some suggestions for you to get started.


For families who are dealing with the effects of addiction, Nar-Anon online meetings are a great way to connect with other families. If you’re unsure where to find Nar-Anon meetings in your area, check out the World Service website. You’ll find a list of online meetings and detailed instructions on how to attend. Alternatively, you can start your own group by sending out a letter to other families to let them know you’re starting a Nar-Anon meeting.

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It can be awkward to talk about addiction, but connecting with other families’ experiences can help you cope. Addiction isolates all involved, so it’s beneficial to find out what others are going through. Hearing about the challenges others are facing can make you feel empowered and give you hope. It’s an important step to take in order to make your own recovery possible. If your loved one is dealing with addiction, take the time to join a Nar-Anon online meeting to share your own experience.


Families of addicts can find solace in Al-Anon online meetings. The 12-step program was created with the families of addicts in mind. These groups are not just for addicts and their families; they are also helpful for anyone who is concerned about the addiction of a loved one. These meetings are free and widely available, making them accessible to anyone who needs them. While a member of the family of an addict is not expected to participate in the meetings, their involvement will help them to overcome the challenges that the addict has created.

Al-Anon is not affiliated with any religious or political group, and it does not encourage judgment of anyone. Members are encouraged to share their own experiences, strength, and hope, as long as it is appropriate for the situation. In general, the majority of attendees are members of the group, and many of them are recovering from their own addiction. However, this does not mean that they do not have a problem with criticism of the drug and alcohol abusers who they live with.

Narcotics Anonymous

If your loved one is an addict, you may be interested in joining the online meetings of Narcotics Anonymous. These online meetings are designed specifically for the family members of people addicted to drugs. There are a variety of meetings available, and the website will provide information about joining one. You can also find a meeting near you by searching for one online. In addition to attending an in-person meeting, Narcotics Anonymous online meetings for families of addicts also offer other benefits.

While attending in-person meetings is helpful, you may not be able to attend them all. Narcotics Anonymous online meetings for families of addicts are a growing community of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping addicts and their loved ones. By taking advantage of these online meetings, you can participate in them whenever and wherever you are. These meetings are anonymous and free, so you don’t have to worry about feeling judged or criticized.

Recovering Couples Anonymous

If you’re a partner or spouse of an alcoholic, you may have considered joining Recovering Couples Anonymous. This organization has meetings in many states and even online virtual meetings for families affected by an addict. It provides support and education to family members affected by the addict’s behavior, as well as a way to connect with others. Recovering Couples Anonymous is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, but its principles are similar.

Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) is a 12-Step fellowship that aims to help couples who have been affected by an addict’s addiction. These fellowships are open to all who have been affected by the addict’s behavior, and many members also participate in other 12-Step groups. RCA members meet regularly to solve problems and rebuild relationships. To become a member of RCA, all you need to be committed to your relationship. Meetings are held online or over the phone.

Tempest Recovery Friends & Family

In a series of Tempest Recovery Friends & Family online sessions, members are able to ask questions, share experiences, and work through the process with a trusted, knowledgeable coach. They can also find support from other users, who can act as their support network. The Tempest Recovery Program offers a clinically-proven membership model that aims to empower members to live alcohol-free lives. Its programs focus on the underlying causes of addiction and how it affects various aspects of life, including creativity, meaning, and purpose.

The Tempest Recovery Friends & Families online meetings are held once a week and function like an AA meeting. Members begin the call by introducing themselves. Then, they participate in hour-long Q&A sessions with the clinicians and coaches. They ask specific questions regarding their recovery. Ruby Mehta estimates that the average person will devote between three and five hours per week to attending the meetings.