Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

Online meetings for families of addicts are a great way to help cope with your loved one’s destructive behavior. These groups offer support and assistance to families and friends of addicts and provide a safe place for families to share their stories. Families can attend these groups to learn how to deal with their loved one’s behavior and become better caregivers. They can also connect with other family members and friends who are suffering from the same condition.


If you are in a situation where you cannot attend a local meeting but are seeking support and information, you may be interested in attending an Al-Anon online meeting for families of addicts. Although addiction can be an isolating experience, connecting with others who share the same experiences can help you deal with the trauma of dealing with a loved one’s addictive behavior. Online meetings are becoming increasingly popular and accessible.

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When it comes to alcoholism, the closest people around the alcoholic often behave in ways that reinforce the disease. They shield their loved one from the effects of their disease, hoping that their love and support will somehow make things better. In reality, their actions only reinforce the alcoholic’s denial and the disease itself. Thankfully, Al-Anon has come to the rescue. By learning to listen to others and being present in an online community, Al-Anon is an invaluable resource to families of addicts.

SMART Recovery Friends & Family

SMART Recovery Friends & Family online groups are designed to help the family members of an addicted individual get back on their feet. They are designed to give parents and other caregivers the tools they need to help their loved one overcome addiction. This science-based secular intervention method is based on tools from SMART Recovery and CRAFT, two books written by Jeffery Foote, PhD.

As a secular alternative to 12-step recovery programs, SMART Recovery is gaining popularity in the US and other countries. While traditional 12-step programs don’t appeal to all segments of the population, many people who suffer from addiction have found them to be helpful. If you’re a family member of an addict, you should consider joining a SMART Recovery Friends & Family online meeting.

Learn to Cope

Learn to Cope is a peer-led support group in Massachusetts for the families of people suffering from a substance use disorder. Founded in 2004, the organization has grown to over 10,000 members on its private online forum. There are 25 Learn to Cope meeting groups in the state. Learn to Cope is unique in its focus on opioid use disorder and its inclusion of all families dealing with the effects of addiction. It also hosts guest speakers, who are often professionals in the field or individuals in recovery.

Online meetings are also available through organizations like Learn to Cope. Although the organization is non-profit, all participants must be willing to share their experiences and feelings. The organization’s website lists local meetings as well as forums where families can discuss their struggles and seek support. Learn to Cope is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. The organization also offers 12-step programs for families of addicts.

SMART Recovery

If you are a loved one of an addict, you may be interested in the SMART Recovery online meetings for family members of addicts. These meetings are virtual, but they still provide the same support services that in-person meetings do. SMART Recovery has a blog and several online video and voice options for those who are experiencing addiction. You can also read articles about addiction and other topics that may be helpful to you. Registration is required for any online meetings, and you can learn more about them by visiting the website.

If you want to find local SMART Recovery meetings, you can use its free Family and Friends Message Board Forum. In addition to online meetings, you can also attend local Family and Friends meetings. For additional support, SMART Recovery recommends Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training, which will teach you how to handle difficult situations without resorting to confrontation. The best part is that SMART Recovery is open to people of all backgrounds and cultures. In addition, SMART Recovery is based on the philosophy of accepting people as more than just their behaviors, so it can be used in any setting.


If you’re a parent of a teen with an addict, you’ve likely heard about Alateen, a program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. This group is a peer-supported support group for teens coping with their loved ones’ addiction. If your teen is suffering from AUD, Alateen can help you cope with the situation. Alateen online meetings are a convenient way to participate in a meeting, without leaving your home.

It can be uncomfortable talking about addiction, but connecting with other families will help you cope with the process. Addiction often isolates everyone involved, including the addict. The stories of others’ experiences will give you a sense of purpose and strength. These meetings also provide a list of resources for parents and families dealing with addicts. It’s never too late to find help. You can start a support group today.