Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

There are several online meetings for families of addicts, but the most effective one is SMART Recovery Family and Friends. It is a support group that aligns with the principles of Community Reinforcement and Family Training. The techniques were developed by Dr. Robert Meyers and Jeffery Foote, PhD. Foote is an author of Beyond Addiction and has facilitated online meetings for families of addicts. In addition, SMART Recovery is a free online support group that allows family members to share their experiences with others.

Learn to Cope

There are many types of support groups for loved ones of addiction, but Learn to Cope is a peer-led program that focuses on the family members of individuals with substance use disorder. The organization has over 10,000 members in its private online forums, and 25 meeting groups throughout Massachusetts. This program is unique in that it includes information for all family members, not just those with a substance use disorder. It also features Guest Speakers who are experts in their field or have long-term recovery.

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SMART Recovery is a global community of people in recovery who use a self-empowering approach to help themselves and others. Its online meetings are based on the latest science of recovery, and there are several message boards with information on this topic. Additionally, Families of Addicts can check out a list of books written for families affected by substance abuse. A list of these publications can help you heal with your loved one in recovery and prevent future substance abuse.

SMART Recovery Friends & Family

SMART Recovery’s Friends & Family online meetings help members of the community support each other and their addicted loved one. This program has helped thousands of people find a safe place to share their experience and find support from each other. Through a web-based program, members can also meet face to face. The Friends & Family meetings are held by trained facilitators. SMART Recovery’s program is recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians, National Institute on Drug Abuse, and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The Friends & Family online meetings for families of addicted individuals are free and open to everyone. The group encourages participants to read “Get Your Loved One Sober” and utilize the tools taught in the CRAFT program. CRAFT is an effective, science-based intervention that teaches families to engage and motivate substance abusers who are resistant to treatment. Rather than focusing on specific behavior, SMART Recovery is designed for all addictive behaviors.


When an alcoholic dies, their family suffers, too. Although the disease itself is devastating, the emotional impact is often much greater for the immediate family. Bystanders, too, often want to help, but are unsure of how to do so. Thankfully, there is a support group called Al-Anon for families of addicts, available online. This program is free and widely accessible.

An Al-Anon homegroup meets weekly, and offers support and information to family members and friends of addicts. Regular meeting participants can share their stories and experiences with others and contribute to the world service office through donations. While attending these meetings, family members can contribute to a local chapter or a world-wide group through their smartphones. They can even share thoughts about their loved one with others in the group.


If you or a loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, you may benefit from Nar-Anon online meetings. These meetings are designed for family members to meet and support one another in their journey of recovery. There are twelve steps, traditions, and concepts of service that guide the organization. Listed below are some of the most common questions that Nar-Anon online meetings for families of addicts ask.

Family members of addicts are not alone in their struggles, as addiction is a chronic disease that alters the chemical and physical makeup of the brain. This disorder is not a weakness, and is common in the general population. Anyone can suffer from addiction, regardless of social status, education, or wealth. It affects the entire family, and it can be difficult to understand the process of recovery without the support of loved ones.

Get Your Loved One Sober

If you want to help your loved one get sober, there are several ways to do so. One way to help is to organize an intervention. This involves a team of people expressing their concerns about the addict’s use of drugs and alcohol. The team members present treatment options and the loved one is expected to accept it or face consequences. You can even hire an interventionist to help you with this process.

You and your loved one should attend appointments together so that you can learn about the recovery process. You and your loved one will be able to learn about different treatment options and how you can help your loved one. You will also learn about different aspects of addiction and what triggers relapse. These tools will help you help your loved one and make the journey more bearable for you both. You can also attend a mutual help group that can provide emotional support and a sense of belonging.