Online Meetings For Families of Addicts

online meetings for families of addicts

Online meetings for families of addicts can be a huge relief and support system for those who are affected by an addict’s death. Many different types of support groups exist, including Al-Anon, SMART Recovery Friends & Family, NACoA, and Nar-Anon. Some families find these meetings to be invaluable, and are happy to share their stories and experiences. These meetings can help you to cope with your grief and move forward.


Having a loved one with an addiction is never easy. It’s easy to become enmeshed in the chaos, and the only way to get rid of it is to address the root cause – the addiction. Drug addiction affects the whole family, from adult children to adults. Families often have to rekindle their bond after the addict has stopped taking their favorite drug. Addicts are often guilty of putting their families through the painful process, but they may not realize the full extent of their recovery. Thankfully, there is help for families.

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Families of addicts can attend Nar-Anon online meetings. While these meetings are not for everyone, they are available to anyone who’s a family member of an addict. The meetings are anonymous, and chair arrangements are arranged in circles to encourage open communication. You can find a meeting in your area by searching for the organization’s website. Nar-Anon online meetings for families of addicts are available if you can’t find an in-person meeting.


While attending an Al-Anon meeting in person is beneficial, attending an online version can be more convenient. Families can stay in touch with each other and get support from one another. Addiction can be a sensitive subject and can be difficult to talk about, but connecting with others who understand can be beneficial. It’s important to remember that addiction is a lonely experience, and hearing about the experiences of other families can empower you to continue the struggle.

The Al-Anon program is not a religion, and there is no right or wrong way to participate in meetings. The meetings are meant to help families understand the 12-steps of recovery. The 12 steps of recovery are a helpful guide for families, since it helps them better relate to the addicted loved one. Rebuilding relationships with loved ones in recovery can be awkward and unsure, but it is important to understand that both sides have valuable things to say. Speaking out in a group is beneficial for everyone.

SMART Recovery Friends & Family

SMART Recovery Friends & Family is a program that offers support to family members of addicts. It aligns with the Community Reinforcement and Family Training program, which teaches parents skills that help their addicted loved one stay sober. The program was developed by Dr. Robert Meyers and Jeffery Foote, PhD. It offers online meetings for families and a directory of support groups in your area.

SMART Recovery Friends & Family online meets for the families of addicts are held daily. The online meetings are held every day and are free. Each meeting offers a message board, chat room, and online recovery resources. SMART Recovery Friends & Family is a self-help, mutual support program run by volunteers, and is not a substitute for professional therapy. The program has meetings around the country and online, and there is no requirement to attend a face-to-face meeting to attend.


NACoA’s online meetings for families of addicts help individuals like you find resources that support your recovery. The website has resources for communities, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, suicide prevention, military suicide, and youth education on drug and alcohol use. It also has information on bullying and other issues. This website can be helpful in dealing with the challenges that addiction presents to families. It is a growing community of caring individuals who want to help.

Drug addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. The family of an addict has multiple emotional and financial consequences. This illness can also cause domestic violence. While there are many resources available for family members of addicts, NACoA online meetings for families of addicts can help the most. This program is run by people who have been through similar situations and have helped thousands of families. Its online meetings help families of addicts connect with other families and learn from each other.