Online Team Meeting Etiquette Tips

online team meeting etiquette

When conducting team meetings online, there are certain etiquette tips that you should know. You should avoid doing multiple tasks while speaking, and create a space where people can easily express themselves. Also, you should introduce everyone at the beginning of the meeting. This is to set the stage for a productive conversation.

Creating a space of safety for people who aren’t as comfortable vocalizing themselves

If some members of your team aren’t as comfortable vocalizing their opinions or ideas, creating a space of psychological safety for these individuals can go a long way in facilitating productive discussions. You can do this by providing a virtual space where people can meet and speak freely. If possible, set up small groups with specific topics and tasks, and use these smaller groups to report back to the larger group.

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Creating a clear background

To create a clear background in Teams, click on “Edit Meeting Settings.” There are several options that you can select when choosing a background. You can choose a pre-made image or upload a custom one. If you’re not happy with the default settings, you can always change the background after the meeting is finished.

If you want your team to feel motivated, you can put up a team quote or image. You can also display digital artwork, photographs, or artwork created by members of the team. If you don’t have any original artwork, you can download free stock images from an online image library.

Avoiding multitasking

When it comes to online team meetings, one of the most important rules to follow is to avoid multitasking. While it’s common to multitask during social situations, it’s unprofessional in virtual settings. While it’s perfectly fine to take notes virtually, it’s better to be completely focused on what’s being said.

Multitasking in a meeting sends the wrong signal to other participants and encourages future multitasking. If your work demands you to take care of other important tasks, you should turn off notifications and stay focused on the meeting. Also, remember to turn off notifications if you’re participating in a virtual meeting.

Video conferencing can make people sit up and pay attention. However, because video meetings are so close up, multitasking is less likely to be noticed. The host of the meeting should remind attendees to put their phones to silent and shut down other applications. Attempting to multitask during a meeting is as detrimental to a person’s mental health as not getting enough sleep.

Introducing everyone at the start of a team meeting

Introducing everyone at the beginning of an online team meeting can be a fun way to warm up the group. While it can be tempting to go overboard and make the entire meeting seem like a press conference, introducing everyone to one another is important for fostering trust and camaraderie. Here are some suggestions for how to make the ice-breaker a success:

During the introduction, share your meeting objectives, as this will allow participants to understand what to expect from the meeting. Alternatively, share status updates from different teams or departments.

Muting your microphone when you’re not speaking

It can be incredibly frustrating to be surrounded by people whose microphones conflict with your own. To keep everyone in the room from being distracted by the conflicting sounds, consider muting your microphone when you’re not speaking. If you’re joining a meeting where only a few people are participating, it can be helpful to announce your presence and introduce yourself before speaking. This will help you avoid interrupting someone in mid-sentence.

When you’re not speaking in an online team-based meeting, you can choose to mute your microphone. It’s a common practice among students, business professionals, and other people who wish to minimize background noise. It’s also useful if the meeting is a large group, such as a town hall-style meeting. However, you should be aware that Teams is listening to the environment and notifies you of the status of the microphone.