Recovery Meetings Near Me

online recovery meetings near me

If you are looking for recovery meetings near me, there are many resources available. Many in-person meetings are limited by size and location, and you might not be able to attend every meeting. Online recovery meetings provide a wide variety of perspectives and are often targeted for specific groups such as women, LGBTQ+ individuals, adolescents, and people who speak a different language. You can also find peer support groups to encourage you and give you practical advice.

Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the most effective ways to find meetings near you is to search online. A search on the SMART Recovery website will reveal hundreds of groups in your area. You can also use your local white pages. But do not rely solely on these listings. It is a good idea to look in more than one city before you make your decision. This way, you’ll be sure to find a meeting close to you.

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For instance, you may have friends who are already members of Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon. If so, you could ask them for information on a local group. Rather than passing around the names of fellow members, you can ask them for contact information and get advice from them. Alternatively, you can check your local library, since many libraries have computers available to the public. Often, the library will also list meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous

While you can find Narcotics Anonymous meetings near you in person, you may find it difficult to attend such events. Fortunately, there are many online resources available for people to attend meetings. Recovery Centers of America offers virtual meetings that you can participate in via web chat, Zoom, or phone. You can find a meeting in your city or town through these resources, which can also include testimonies and other resources.

There are Narcotics Anonymous online meetings that you can attend at any time. You can also join an online recovery chat room to meet other members and share your own experiences. Narcotics Anonymous online meetings offer support, advice, and hope for a drug-free life. You can also join online meetings to support your family and friends. You can also find meetings that are specifically for women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, or family members.

SMART Recovery

If you’re looking for SMART Recovery online meetings near me, you’ve come to the right place. The site has a list of 75+ recovery meetings located in B.C., but there are many other locations as well. Just click on the Find a Meeting link at the top of the page to find a meeting near you. You can also join a SMART Recovery chat room.

The SMART Recovery program focuses on using the Four Points to combat addictive behaviors. Participants will learn tools based on the latest scientific research to fight their addictions. In addition to these tools, SMART Recovery members will also participate in a world-wide community of self-empowering mutual help groups. The SMART Recovery approach is designed to help individuals change their behavior so that they can overcome their addictions.

Women for Sobriety

The Women for Sobriety website allows you to search for a meeting near you. The site also allows you to find a meeting in person if you’re unable to attend a meeting in person. The site also lists a variety of other recovery meetings near you, including some that are specifically for women. Although the website is a good way to find a recovery meeting, it should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment.

If you’re looking for a support group online, Women for Sobriety offers several programs. There are free support groups and online recovery meetings. The group also offers a weekly call with a sober mentor. Meetings are confidential and you can drop in anytime if you feel like it. You can also find a meeting near you on the SMART Recovery website. It’s also possible to find a meeting by zip code or location.

Checkup & Choices

If you are searching for a meeting nearby, try SMART Recovery support group meetings. These meetings are free and offer a safe place to discuss addiction issues. You can also use Checkup & Choices app, which offers a confidential online support community that’s been proven to help SMART Recovery participants stay sober. You can use the app to find a meeting, or start a new one if you don’t have the time to attend one.


If you’re looking for online recovery meetings, you’ve come to the right place. With Daybreak, you can attend a meeting in the comfort of your own home. You’ll find helpful resources on quitting, support from other members of your community, and a safe environment where you can share your struggles. In a world where addiction can feel like an incurable disease, there’s no reason to let it keep you from being sober and feeling better.