Recovery Meetings Near Me

online recovery meetings near me

If you are looking for recovery meetings near me, but aren’t sure where to start, there are several online resources to help you find the right support group. You can join a group like Narcotics Anonymous, Workaholics Anonymous, or SMART Recovery to meet other people who are struggling with addiction. Many of these groups have a message board with resources to help you connect with other people who are in recovery.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery online recovery meetings offer a supportive community for people struggling with addiction and other addiction-related issues. The community features over 40 weekly online meetings, 24/7 message boards, and helpful recovery resources. You can participate in any of these online meetings at any time. You can use these resources to help you with your recovery and overcome addiction.

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SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle and recovery from drug dependence. Meetings are small and encourage interactive discussion. They feature science-based methods to help people break bad habits and lead healthy lives. They accept minimal voluntary donations to fund their mission of providing support and helping people achieve freedom from drug and alcohol dependence.

Narcotics Anonymous

If you’re unable to find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in your area, there are several ways to find one that meets your needs. There are numerous websites that offer information about the organization and meeting locations. There are also mobile apps for iPhone and Android users that let you find meetings near you.

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 step program that emphasizes resilience and spirituality as key elements of recovery. It helps people learn to deal with their substance addiction and creates a safe, supportive environment. Members share their stories and offer encouragement to one another, as well as celebrate their successes.

Women for Sobriety

If you are looking for a recovery group online, consider joining the Women for Sobriety online recovery meeting. This program helps women with alcohol and drug addiction. It focuses on self-esteem and spiritual growth. It also offers resources to help women grow and continue their recovery. The organization is open to women from all backgrounds and welcomes women from all sexual orientations.

The program is offered in both online and offline settings. You can also participate in phone calls with trained volunteers. Meetings typically start with introductions and a statement of affirmation, and encourage participants to share their personal progress and achievements. The WFS website has a detailed description of each meeting’s structure. The group also encourages members to create a daily journal and actively apply their Acceptance Statements.

Workaholics Anonymous

The 12-step approach developed by Alcoholics Anonymous helps workaholics to recover from their compulsive behaviors and reclaim control of their lives. It begins with recognizing that one’s behaviors are causing them harm, and teaches them to relate to their profession in a healthy way. The steps also include learning how to recover time away from work and seeking guidance from mentors. These tools help work addicts overcome guilt and gain hope.

Workaholics Anonymous (WA) was established in 1983. The group’s founders aimed to stop compulsively working and help others who suffered from the same disorder. They also wanted to help the workaholics’ families recover as well. The 12-step program has online resources that help those who are suffering from workaholism find the strength to stop their addictions and start living healthy lives.

She Recovers

If you’re struggling with addiction, you can now find support for yourself online with She Recovers. The grassroots organization has more than 325,000 members and offers support for women suffering from addiction. Online meetings can also help you connect with other women struggling with the same issues. The website provides information about upcoming meetings, a directory of local meetings, and even a chat room where you can talk with others in recovery.

In order to find a She Recovers meeting in your area, visit the Foundation’s directory. Participants are required to adhere to Gathering Agreements and co-create a safe environment. The Foundation reserves the right to remove violators from the group. She Recovers meetings do not require you to speak, although being present is often as meaningful as sharing.

In The Rooms

If you’re unable to make it to one of the in-person meetings that are held around the country, you can join one of In The Rooms’ online meetings. These meetings are anonymous and take place every day of the week. Online recovery meetings are held via video and chat rooms, and you can participate in them from anywhere with a stable internet connection. You’ll be able to connect with other people going through the same struggles as you and get the support that you need to move forward.

Online meetings are particularly helpful for those who work odd hours or don’t have access to a physical location. They are also useful for people who prefer the convenience of being able to join a meeting at a time that’s convenient for them. These online meetings are also available worldwide.