SAA Online Meetings

saa online meetings

SAA has a wide variety of resources to help members with their recovery. Besides regular meetings, there are also telemeetings and special recovery events. Program literature is available at most meetings. It includes pamphlets, books and recordings. These resources can supplement meetings and can be used as substitutes for them.

SAA is a 12-step recovery program

SAA’s Twelve-Step program provides daily support and accountability for people who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior. It also provides tools for recovery and hope for a life without addiction. Meetings are held in a variety of locations, including churches, community centers and club houses. The SAA website offers a comprehensive meeting calendar, where you can find a local group near you.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Meetings are typically an hour long and led by an experienced member known as a trusted servant. The opening may include prayer, readings and a chance for attendees to share their experiences. Some meetings are open to the public, while others are closed.

SAA has a Code of Ethics and an Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination Policy. These policies are designed to promote a safe, respectful conference environment and help attendees feel comfortable. This includes respect for the diversity of gender, race and age. Attendees are encouraged to practice these principles when traveling for conferences, workshops, receptions and excursions.

It is open to everyone

SAA meetings are open to anyone with a desire to stop compulsive sexual behavior. However, sex addiction recovery is not for everyone. Meeting attendees must abide by the SAA code of conduct and avoid sending inappropriate messages to other members. Such messages include abusive verbal comments, unwanted sexual attention, and other forms of harassment. SAA also has a meeting safety policy that outlines best practices for meeting attendees.

The SAA program is based on the twelve-step model of recovery. Each meeting is led by an experienced member called a trusted servant, and typically includes a prayer, prepared readings, the sharing of experiences, and the opportunity to introduce oneself by first name only. SAA sponsors are available to help sponsees through difficult situations or temptations, and lifelong relationships may form. Meetings are usually about an hour long. Many meetings also have coffee or refreshments before, during, or after the meeting for networking and socializing. Local meetings are held at various locations including treatment centers, and online meetings can be found through this website.

It is free

SAA meetings are a key part of the program, and there are many local and online options. Most are held for one hour and are confidential. They include an optional opening prayer, prepared readings and a chance to share your experience. They also include an experienced member as meeting secretary who keeps the meeting on schedule. SAA members are encouraged to help groups carry their message by donating.

SAA also publishes a variety of literature, including the Green Book, which is our equivalent to the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. This is available for purchase from most bookstores and online booksellers, and may be found in some public libraries. You can also read SAA literature online for free.

Become a SAA member to take advantage of valuable resources for the audiology student, including externship tips and a database of opportunities. In addition, the Academy offers discounts and savings to students to help alleviate financial burdens. The SAA also advocates on behalf of students and provides advocacy resources to ensure the student voice is heard.

It is confidential

A meeting’s confidentiality is protected by the Society’s Code of Conduct and other policies. Meetings are open only to those who share a common problem. Meetings last 60 to 90 minutes and are led by an experienced member who acts as meeting secretary. They include optional opening prayers, prepared readings, a chance to introduce yourself by first name only, and an opportunity for members to share their experience with the program.

SAA’s Code of Conduct and other policies are designed to protect the safety, well-being, and privacy of attendees. SAA strictly prohibits retaliation to ensure that event participants feel comfortable coming forward with their concerns without fear of reprisal.

SAA also has a Findings Verification Committee that reviews reports submitted by Attendees. The Committee’s recommendations are submitted to the SAA Board of Trustees for action. If the Report involves a Subject Individual, a memo is sent to the Attendee and the Subject Individual informing them of the outcome of the review.