SMART Recovery – Free Online Meetings and a Vibrant Community

smart recovery online meetings

SMART Recovery is a secular, nonreligious organization that uses cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing techniques. SMART also has a vibrant online community. If you or someone you love needs help, it’s worth checking out these resources. There are many people who share the same experiences and who can offer support.

SMART Recovery is a secular, non-religious group

SMART Recovery is a secular, online group that aims to empower people to fight addiction without the help of religion. Its philosophy is based on science and evidence-based recovery methods and includes passionate volunteers who have recovered from addiction. Its members share their experiences and help each other to overcome addiction.

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The group is a great alternative to 12-step programs and other faith-based programs. SMART Recovery teaches participants how to use tools developed by experts in science for addiction recovery and builds a worldwide community of fellow SMART Recovery members. This community is free and open to everyone, and members are able to ask for and receive support.

SMART Recovery is a secular, nonprofit online group based on group process self-help principles. Its website includes a nationwide meeting list, news bulletins, scientific articles, an online chat room, and extensive links to resources that promote recovery.

It uses cognitive behavioral therapy

The SMART Recovery program offers free online meetings that promote change in behavior. The meetings are 90 minutes long and guided by a trained facilitator. The four-point program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and supports self-reliance. It is a self-help program that promotes behavioural change and supports long-term sobriety.

The program was designed to serve individuals who do not want religion to be involved and prefer evidence-based support. It provides both online and in-person meetings. The meetings are updated regularly, so you can access them whenever you want. In addition, the meetings are free and open to the public.

Meetings usually begin with a facilitator reading an opening statement, introducing participants. A brief check-in, or “activity,” follows, so that each individual can share their experiences and ask for advice. The facilitator also helps keep the discussion focused. The facilitator often suggests a tool or technique that participants can use to discuss difficult situations. The facilitators use evidence-based techniques from CBT and non-confrontation motivational interviewing to guide participants’ discussions. While participants do not refer to themselves as addicts or alcoholics, they can still share their experience of addiction with those who are new to the program.

It relies on motivational interviewing

The SMART Recovery program uses the principles of motivational interviewing to help addicts improve their lives. It also uses the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy. It also accepts prescribed medications, including opioid-agonists. The program focuses on four areas: emotional well-being, physical well-being, and spiritual well-being.

The SMART Recovery approach also helps individuals identify their values and translate them into behavior. Among these values are caring for others, being independent, and living ethically. The SMART recovery approach helps individuals translate these values into action, so that they can achieve their goals. For example, it may encourage an alcoholic to refrain from alcohol and focus on self-care.

Motivational interviewing is a great tool for long-term recovery. Patients aren’t required to stay in a treatment facility for the rest of their lives, and therapy sessions become less frequent as the patient gains experience. By fostering patients’ ambitions to become sober, Motivational Interviewing helps them to overcome the barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goals.

It has a robust online community

The online community of SMART Recovery has a variety of tools to help you navigate the recovery process. There are online meetings held every week and a robust message board where members can exchange ideas and offer support to one another. Meetings can be private or open to the public, and you can participate via text, audio, and video. SMART Recovery also offers specialized peer support groups and social forums.

The SMART Recovery program focuses on restoration of sanity and productivity after substance abuse. It also acknowledges mental illness as a separate problem from addiction. It emphasizes the importance of treatment for psychiatric distress, and advocates the use of relapse prevention tools and therapeutic interventions, such as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. It also supports medication, which is prescribed by a physician, when necessary.

Before COVID-19, SMART Recovery had relatively few online groups, but that number has grown quickly. Moreover, the group has expanded its online reach into countries where traditional face-to-face meetings aren’t possible. These include Ireland, Hong Kong, and Denmark.