Spiritual Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings

saa online meetings

Regular meetings are a key part of recovery in SAA. They provide a supportive environment to discuss your experiences and build trust with fellow members.

Online meetings are an alternative form of meeting, held in real time over the internet. They are similar to conventional telemeetings, except they use Zoom (an internet conference call app). Meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about SAA.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

The Green Book

One of the most influential publications in America’s history, the Green Book was a direct rebuke to Jim Crow. First published in 1936, it listed black-owned hotels and motels, tourist homes, restaurants, and businesses along highways throughout the country.

It also included information on traveling safely, particularly during the Great Depression. It also encouraged travelers to patronize local businesses, even those owned by whites, as a way of countering segregation and harassment.

Victor Green’s success in making the Green Book a nationally known publication, and the establishment of a network of fellow postmen who would solicit advertising for Black-owned business, was crucial to its success.

Because so many former Green Book properties exist in under-recognized, rural areas, it’s important to shine a spotlight on them so that they might be preserved and their important history shared with the world. This document will provide guidance for applicants on establishing historic significance, for the purpose of joining the African American Civil Rights Network (AACRN). It is not meant to be an exhaustive historical overview; rather, it will help simplify the application process and encourage applicants to focus on identifying a property’s significance.

Official SAA Literature

The official SAA literature is published by the International Service Organization (ISO). This includes the Green Book, a primary text for newcomers. It also contains a variety of pamphlets and booklets, many of which are topic-specific.

The ISO publishes these literature resources free of charge on their website. These include a number of books and pamphlets covering topics such as the 12-Step Program, sex addiction, meetings, therapy/treatment, and more.

Literature is available in both physical and e-book formats from the SAA Store on the international website. The e-book versions are available in mobi (Kindle) and ePUB (Nook & iBooks) formats.

Voices of Recovery is a collection of meditations written by members of the fellowship, each reflecting an individual member’s experience, strength, and hope in their own recovery process. The book is free to download and available in mobi (Kindle) and ebook ePUB (Nook & iPad) formats. A link to download the e-book will be sent to your email with your purchase receipt.

Conference-Approved Literature

Long before AA World Services (AAWS) existed and before a General Service Conference was held, groups and individual members read whatever inspirational literature they found useful. Whether it was The Bible, Emmet Fox’s Sermon On the Mount, or the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, AA groups and their members shared these books and ideas as a way to heal from alcoholism and to help others in the same situation.

At the 1951 General Service Conference, the delegates unanimously approved the establishment of “Conference Approved Literature.” The idea behind Conference Approved literature is that it reflects the group conscience of AA and assures that any published material stays with the underlying principles of our program.

Most local groups purchase and display a representative sampling of conference approved pamphlets, and carry a supply of hardcover books. However, many groups choose not to follow this rule, and in fact, a number of regional newsletters and other literature lack conference approval but are widely used by AA groups across the country.


As a spiritual practice, retreats are an essential way to cultivate self-awareness and inner peace. They can also help you forge lifelong bonds with others, and rejuvenate your body and soul.

Unlike vacations, which are simply time off from routine and aren’t designed to offer specific goals or outcomes, retreats have a unique purpose. They often target a particular issue or recent experience that you’d like to address.

For example, if you are struggling with addiction or mental illness, a spiritual healing retreat can be a good option to help you find a sense of balance and relief. These programs often include trainings or counselling sessions by experts who provide guidance for your needs.

Similarly, wellness retreats are ideal for people looking to lose weight or improve their fitness level. These programs usually involve physical activity, yoga, meditation, and healthy eating in a serene environment.