Storeplum Review – The Easy Way to Build an Online Store πŸ›οΈ

Storeplum is an intuitive online store builder with plenty of features. Its quick set-up, highly customizable storefront and lightweight themes make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to launch an e-commerce website quickly and easily.

It has been designed to increase customer conversion rates and offers a comprehensive selection of personalized product pages with technical specs, upsells, and recently seen items. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads Manager.

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Easy to use

If you need an effortless way to build your online store, Storeplum is an ideal solution. It boasts a comprehensive set of features designed to help you create an effective platform and expand your business quickly.

The platform provides a range of features designed to boost sales and boost conversion rates. It’s an integrated solution, enabling you to customize everything from product pages and promotions, all the way through marketing campaigns.

You can take advantage of the built-in retargeting capabilities, which enable you to target users based on their behavior and purchase history. Furthermore, the system tracks average order value, top-selling products and daily user traffic in order to improve ad campaigns.

Many e-commerce platforms provide an extensive community forum where you can discuss problems with other members of the platform. Unfortunately, many don’t provide a reliable support team you can depend on when in need. Therefore, it is essential to choose an e-commerce platform with amazing tech support and an experienced team of experts who are able to resolve any issues you might encounter.

Quick set-up

Storeplum is an e-commerce platform that provides a fast setup and fully customizable storefront, making it the ideal option for businesses aiming to expand or start rapidly.

Storeplum makes it simple to add product information that will increase conversion rates. Furthermore, you can add scripts that connect directly to your preferred tools as well as accept payments worldwide via Stripe or PayPal.

Storeplum’s built-in analytics allow you to segment users based on behavior and create targeted retargeting campaigns. Furthermore, Storeplum automatically manages your product catalog’s SKUs so as not to sell out-of-stock items. Plus, it integrates with Google Merchant Center and Facebook’s commerce manager for running targeted ad campaigns.

You can start a risk-free trial and gain lifetime access to Storeplum. With its powerful platform, you can create an attractive online store that attracts more customers, improves conversion rates, and accelerates sales. Plus, its time-tested growth techniques have been adopted by industry leaders – giving you complete control over your marketing strategy.

Highly customizable storefront

Storeplum offers the ideal platform for online stores of any size – whether they are brand-new or well-established. With its range of conversion-focused features, Storeplum helps you build, grow, and manage your business effectively.

It’s also a highly customizable storefront builder, giving you control over visual elements like logos, colors, fonts, and product configurations. Furthermore, it integrates with consumer behavior analytics so you can better understand your customers and their purchasing patterns.

With just a few clicks, you can configure store-wide discounts, personalized coupon codes, referral programs and complex discounts with ease – all without needing plugins or complex scripts. Plus it automatically syncs your catalog with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads Manager so that running targeted ad campaigns that drive more sales is a breeze.

Lightweight themes

Storeplum is an ideal e-commerce platform for small to enterprise store managers looking to start or expand their online operations. It provides all the necessary tools to launch successful e-commerce websites with rapid revenue growth, plus its built-in store analytics provide detailed insights on customer behavior.

It also has powerful inventory management and marketing features to help you expand your business. You can upload products in bulk, hide out-of-stock items, send timely inventory status notifications, and seamlessly sync with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads Manager.

Another outstanding feature is the capability to configure various store-wide discounts. Whether it’s a straightforward rule-based discount or an intricate promo, you can create them right from your dashboard.

The theme is optimized for search engines and with its sleek, minimalistic design, it makes an excellent choice for online stores.

Ability to sell digital products and affiliate products

Digital products, such as artwork, online courses, ebooks, and templates are an excellent way to increase your e-store’s revenue. Not only are they easy to create and distribute – customers get them instantly – but they typically have lower cost of goods sold (COGS), meaning you can charge a low price for them while still making a profit.

Another way to increase sales is by offering affiliate products. To do this, ensure your affiliates are informed of your plans and give them time to create promotions tailored for their audiences.

One of the most effective ways to market digital products is by posting about them on your website and social media. You can create long-form blog posts that explain why people need your product and how it solves their issue. Alternatively, create videos that guide potential buyers through purchasing and using your digital goods.

And all of this can be done with Storeplum.

Should you switch to Storeplum?

What are the advantages of migrating my e-commerce store to Storeplum’s new online store platform? Selecting the ideal e-commerce platform is essential for optimizing your website’s performance for customers and search engines alike. There are numerous factors to take into account before making your choice, so do some research and planning beforehand.

Product Page Benefits:

With Storeplum, you can create a highly customizable product page that showcases maximum information about each item. You can display technical specs, discounted offers, user reviews, and more to boost sales and boost conversion rates.

Inventory Management Features:

Storeplum automates inventory management and integrates seamlessly with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads Manager, so you can efficiently manage your catalog without the hassle. Plus, you can hide out-of-stock products, send timely status notifications, and launch targeted ad campaigns with confidence.


If your business is expanding rapidly, it’s essential that you select a platform with scalability in order to accommodate it. Furthermore, make sure the platform can handle increased traffic during peak hours and guarantee your site remains up-to-date.

Switch your existing e-commerce store to the Storeplum online store platform and start using it right away! Plus, take advantage of their free trial period to see how well it works for you!

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