The Basics of Online Meeting Etiquette

There are some fundamentals of online meeting etiquette that you need to follow to ensure your success. These rules include not talking over other participants, avoiding multitasking and introducing yourself. In addition, you should avoid taking up too much time in private chats. Hopefully, this article will give you the basics of proper online meeting etiquette. It also includes some tips on how to keep everyone’s attention during a meeting.

Avoid talking over others

Regardless of how many times you have attended an online meeting, you’ve probably felt the urge to talk over others. And while that’s understandable, it’s also rude. That’s why it’s crucial to listen to what others have to say before talking. In an online meeting, it is particularly important to keep etiquette in mind. For example, you shouldn’t stuff your face with food or chew on gum during the meeting. Even if the online meeting was the first of its kind, don’t go off on an rant.

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During an online meeting, you should try to avoid looking away from your computer or down at your phone. Not only is this distracting and annoying, but it can also cause others to feel that you’re not paying attention. Look directly at the camera or screen of your computer. Similarly, don’t interrupt someone while they’re talking. Wait for them to finish their sentences before interrupting them. Otherwise, you could end up talking over them.

Avoid multitasking

The first step in preventing multitasking while attending online meetings is to make sure that everyone is paying attention. During a meeting, if the entire staff is multitasking, the discussion will be less productive. Instead, invite employees to attend only portions of the meeting that relate to their work. Limiting meetings to only cover important topics will help minimize multitasking. However, it is still possible to invite people who need to attend the entire meeting.

While multitasking can be tempting, it isn’t advisable. For starters, it uses more brainpower than one would think. You shouldn’t try to multitask on a regular basis. This strategy is best reserved for particular meetings. It’s as damaging to your mental health as not sleeping! Instead, make it a point to focus on one topic before jumping to the next one. By following these tips, you’ll be able to attend online meetings efficiently and enjoy the benefits they provide.

Introduce yourself

Unlike traditional face-to-face interactions, introductions in virtual settings require a different approach. First, introduce yourself using your name, title, and company. When making an online introduction, include additional information in your opening line, such as what you’re most excited about learning about, or how you met. While it might seem a bit tedious, the right approach will go a long way in establishing business relationships. Listed below are some suggestions for introducing yourself.

To be considered professional and credible in an online meeting, you should try to keep your body language in check. Avoid using an impersonal tone, which can make you appear uninviting and insecure. Make sure to sit up straight and position your computer so you can be visible to all participants. Also, do not multitask during the meeting. If you do multitasking, you risk losing your audience’s attention. A confident tone will convey confidence and excitement.

Avoid private chats

Attending an online meeting doesn’t mean you can engage in private conversations. You can ask questions and make comments, but keep in mind that you aren’t in the room. If you don’t want others to hear you talk about personal information, use a headset. Make sure the other people at the meeting can’t hear you, and try not to answer their cell phones. It may sound rude, but this can have very detrimental consequences.

The most important tip to avoid wasting time in private conversations while attending an online meeting is to listen carefully to what’s being said and take notes. If possible, avoid scrolling through your screen, which might distract the meeting host. Also, show respect by being on time, and if possible, request to leave early. If you can’t make it, ask the host to move on to the next meeting. It can take a while for the meeting to start, so be polite and respectful.

Avoid background noise

One way to prevent background noise when attending online meetings is to turn off your cell phone. This is especially important if you have your phone right beside your computer, as the vibrations will disrupt the meeting audio. Also, place your microphone at a constant distance from your mouth, or use a headset to eliminate background noise. Make sure to breathe quietly and avoid making heavy noises while talking, which can detract from the quality of the recording.

When setting up a home office for your online meeting, choose a room with minimal background noise. Make sure to close the door to your office or study room to minimize background noise. If possible, set up your workspace away from televisions or video games. You’ll want to be as far away from busy areas as possible, as well. When possible, set up your workspace in a separate room or in a different part of the house.