Tips For Online Team Meeting Etiquette

online team meeting etiquette

Following the proper etiquette when holding an online team meeting is crucial for a productive discussion. Here are some tips to help you conduct your meeting successfully: Limit the number of participants, have a clear agenda, and avoid distractions. You can use online video conference to make your team meetings more productive. Read on for more information. And remember: no one wants to be left out! So, when planning your next online team meeting, remember to use these tips!

Limiting the number of attendees

If you’re looking for a solution to your problem of overcrowding, you can limit the number of attendees in your online team meetings. Teams allows you to have up to 250 attendees per meeting, with an additional limit of up to 10000 viewers. However, this limit doesn’t apply to all users, because the feature is not exclusive to Teams. If you want to have an unlimited number of attendees, you’ll need to upgrade your account to an Enterprise license.

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It’s a mistake to think that all meetings are the same. While there is nothing wrong with general assembly meetings, they don’t represent meetings of minds. In addition, when the number of attendees is too large, information-sharing and discussion are hindered. Participants become guarded and more defensive, and difficult topics are often left off the agenda. People don’t feel comfortable talking about their most sensitive issues in large meetings, which decreases the value of the meeting. Limiting the number of attendees in an online team meeting is an excellent way to create a sense of intimacy, and make sure that everyone can hear each other. In addition to building intimacy, this will foster clarity and alignment, and help people feel more comfortable discussing difficult issues.

Having an agenda

If you’ve set up an online team meeting for your company, having an agenda is crucial for a successful meeting. It provides a short summary of the topics that will be covered. Keeping your agenda short and straightforward will help you achieve your goals faster. Make sure you include icebreakers, a lunch break, and a wrap-up at the end of the meeting. And don’t forget to order your topics logically, so that everyone has the chance to give their input.

Your agenda items should contain specific verbs and be written in simple language that everyone understands. It will help you make clear expectations and invite full participation from your team. This will help you formulate more concrete follow-up plans. Your virtual team meeting will be more efficient if you set an agenda and have specific action items for each member to complete. It will also save you valuable time from having to schedule long video conferencing days.

Having a clear background

Having a clear background in an online team meeting is important to avoid distractions during the video call. In Microsoft Teams, you can change the background from black to white, or choose a blurred image. To make this process easier, you can enable a camera on your device. In addition, you can adjust the blur effect on your desktop client. Having a clear background is also helpful if you plan to use Teams on a VDI environment. However, you must make sure that your VPN is configured to allow access to the content delivery network.

The bottom toolbar will allow you to change the background on your video call. Once you’re in the meeting, you can use the controls on the bottom toolbar to preview the effect on your video camera. Once you’ve finished, you can change the background to match the other participants’ devices. Then, if the video call becomes too noisy for you to continue, you can change back to the default background.

Avoiding distractions

One of the most important elements of proper team meeting etiquette is avoiding distractions. Distractions during a meeting are a common cause of miscommunication and poor focus. You should use sound canceling tools to keep background noise to a minimum. Avoid the temptation to type or unmute while speaking, as it can affect the concentration of all attendees. Distracted employees may ask for repeated information. It is also important to keep a meeting etiquette rule of taking breaks. Regular breaks help to revitalize everyone and increase productivity.

Be sure to turn off your cell phone and avoid fidgeting. It can distract the rest of the team if one person is fidgeting or leaving the screen mid-sentence. It is also a good idea to turn off cameras whenever you change locations. Turn off any ringing phones or other devices during the meeting. You should also turn off your computer and other electronic devices to prevent any interruptions.

Unmuting the microphone

Once you’ve created an online team meeting, you may be wondering how to unmute the microphone of each member. While it’s possible, it’s not terribly convenient. You need to know where to find the microphone controls. First, find the Participants panel. Look for the three-dot icon in the left-hand corner of the control panel. Click it to open a menu with more actions.

Then, select the Participants tab and look for the Unmute Participants link. This link will enable you to choose the participants you want to unmute. If you’re unsure of who you’re looking for, click on their name to see a list of other people who have the same role. After logging in to the meeting, click on the name of the person you’d like to unmute. If the participant has previously muted himself or herself, you may click the button next to his or her name to let them know. However, if you’ve accidentally clicked on someone else’s name, you might not see the entire event.