Top 5 Online Meeting Platforms

online meeting platforms

Online meeting platforms are one of the most important software solutions in modern business. They offer a variety of benefits, including cost savings and improved accessibility.

They feature HD video meetings, hassle-free live streaming and an intuitive whiteboard. They also have noise minimization tools, privacy options and data encryption at rest and in transit. They are a great option for businesses of all sizes.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.


Gatheround is a community engagement platform for people-focused organizations that helps them build relationships and strengthen teams in an era of disconnection. It has a variety of features that make it ideal for remote work, including one-on-one video meetings and group bonding. It also has a large collection of pre-made event templates that can be used for networking, training, or other business purposes.

The company, which was formerly known as Icebreaker, has secured $3.5 million in seed funding from Homebrew and Bloomberg Beta, as well as from Stripe’s COO Claire Hughes Johnson. This will allow Gatheround to expand its functionality and reach new consumer markets. Its new features include small-group matching, an internal YouTube player, and time-saving tools like smart matching and ready-to-run event templates.


Toasty is a self-service interactive platform that helps meeting attendees stay engaged during virtual meetings. It uses a variety of tools to encourage participation, including polling, Miro whiteboards, and breakout rooms. Users can also create their own activities on the fly and use them during a session. They can choose from three plans: Free, Plus, and Premium.

Toasty focuses on making meaningful connections by creating a collaborative environment in which learning is intentional. It is used by educators, team leaders, and product makers to make their sessions more engaging.

Toasty is available on a number of different devices, and is easy to navigate. Once you sign up for the service, a Toast Tables onboarding consultant will help you get started. They will provide hardware and software, as well as training for your staff.


GoToMeeting is a simple tool that helps users arrange online gatherings without the need for travel. Its quick download, fast meeting setup and instinctive UI allow coordinators and participants to get together in seconds. The tool also has a number of features to help with online collaboration, including drawing tools and the option to switch presenters. It also includes Commuter Mode, which turns the app’s screen into an audio/mute button to minimize distraction and mobile data use during meetings.

It is a good choice for businesses because it has reliable video and voice calling as well as intuitive meeting tools that are easy to use. It supports international attendees and has a PIN-based entry system to keep the meeting secure. It also offers unlimited cloud recording, transcription and storage.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that enables users to engage with each other, create projects and schedule meetings. Unlike Slack, Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with the full suite of the Microsoft Office work family so users can easily access applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Meetings can be held with thousands of participants and presentations can be shared. The tool also offers instant messaging, audio/video calling and automated minutes.

For a more dynamic team experience, Microsoft Teams has a built-in calendar feature to sync with existing appointments. This eliminates the frustration of chasing down teammates to agree on meeting dates and times. Additionally, attendees can be notified when the meeting starts with ‘Meeting started’ notifications on their mobile devices. In addition, live captions and subtitles make meetings more inclusive for those with hearing or language difficulties.


Webex provides a seamless and intelligent experience for online meetings and webinars. It enables more productive collaboration that drives better client responsiveness and business outcomes. Users can easily keep up with meetings even if their schedules don’t align with every one, thanks to meeting recordings and auto-generated transcripts.

The platform’s HD video and audio quality is exceptional, while its custom layouts allow participants to see each other clearly. It also supports USB connections and a participant grid view for multi-screen meetings.

Another benefit is its robust security measures, which were in place well before the coronavirus pandemic swept through businesses. These include a lobby system that locks personal room meetings and secures cloud recordings. It also ensures that only invited team members can join a meeting.