Virtual Icebreakers For Church Groups

virtual icebreakers for church groups

Using old television shows as virtual icebreakers for your church group can be a fun way to introduce people to one another. Choosing a Christian topic can be a good idea, too. This activity is fun and easy to prepare and can help you learn more about your guests.

Fun icebreaker questions

Whether your group is large or small, you can use an icebreaker game to start a conversation. Depending on the size of the group, these activities can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Regardless of how long it takes, they will help everyone connect and bond.

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Christian churches face a variety of challenges. While most Christians want to talk about the persecution of Christians, banishment of Christian prayer, and desecration of Christian monuments, it’s important to avoid getting into an intense political debate. Such a discussion may cause group splits or anger. It can also prompt shy people to speak. While this kind of behavior is generally healthy, it can create problems if you let it go unchecked.

Creating them

There are several methods to create fun, interactive icebreaker games for your church group. These games allow you to bring out the creativity of your group and get everyone involved. Some of these icebreakers involve asking your group members to choose items that represent their emotions. These are perfect for a group of teens, as they encourage discussion and openness.

Another fun icebreaker is a Bible-themed icebreaker. Divide your group into teams and ask each team member to get a Bible. Then, ask them to look for a scriptural reference first, preferably using a concordance if your Bible has one. You can make the game easy or difficult, depending on the knowledge of your group members.

Using them in a videoconference format

Virtual icebreakers can be a great way to bring church groups together for a videoconference. Not only can they help build bonds, but they can also be a great way to get people talking. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your group meetings:

Use an icebreaker that gets people talking, such as the University of Pennsylvania Brief Strengths Test. It measures 25 different strengths, from bravery to appreciation and humor. Ask attendees to share their top strength and brainstorm ways they can use it. A virtual icebreaker doesn’t have to be awkward; in fact, it doesn’t have to be at all!

Choosing a topic

When conducting virtual icebreakers for church groups, you should select a topic that is relevant to the group’s members. Some topics are aimed at easing awkwardness in group situations, while others are more serious and thought-provoking. Regardless of the topic, selecting questions that pique curiosity in group discussions will help members open up.

A popular virtual icebreaker activity involves getting members of a church group to share something personal. For example, you could invite members to share a piece of Christian history. This activity will not only get members to know one another, but it will also get people talking about the group’s faith.

Creating a videoconference background

One way to make a Zoom session more interesting is to add an interesting virtual background. You can even make it a contest to see who can come up with the most innovative and unique screen. This makes for a great virtual icebreaker, as it promotes teamwork. Another option is to have participants share a favorite picture as the background.

Including Christian history in icebreakers

Including Christian history in virtual icebreaker activities is a great way to increase the group’s knowledge of the faith. For example, you can include a game where each player selects their favorite Biblical event, or a miraculous event from Christian history. This will boost the group’s knowledge and imagination, and can help them express their own feelings about these Biblical events.

Another icebreaker game that focuses on Christian history is the Bible squeeze relay. Adapted for a Christian theme, this game can be played by a team or individually. It will also encourage participants to learn about Christian history and events and may generate good discussion and debate.