Virtual Icebreakers for Church Groups

virtual icebreakers for church groups

If you want to have an interactive church gathering, virtual icebreakers are a great way to do that. You can use these games to make a group of people feel more comfortable and less competitive. Here are three examples of games that you can use. Each game is a great way to introduce new people to the church.

Using them in church groups

Using virtual icebreakers in church group meetings can help you break the ice with your church group members. The idea is to get everyone talking and chatting. You can use an icebreaker such as finding an object or picture that represents one of the emotions that the group members are experiencing. The goal of this exercise is to engage the group in conversation and help them share their passions.

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One of the best icebreakers for a church group is a virtual Bible activity. This game divides the group into teams. In each team, each member is given a Bible. They then have to find two different scriptural references – one true and one false – that are relevant to them. These games help people get to know each other, and can be fun and geared to the group’s Bible study level.

Another icebreaker is a question that asks each individual to share a piece of personal information. The questions can be funny or strange, and people can use their imaginations to come up with an answer. These questions will take around 10 minutes to complete, and are most effective with small groups.


One of the most common problems that the Christian church faces is persecution. Many people want to discuss things such as the banishment of prayer or the destruction of Christian monuments, but a good icebreaker will keep the group from getting too heated. It can also make shy people come out of their shells. While venting your anger can be beneficial, it can also lead to trouble if you don’t monitor it.

Whether the group is large or small, virtual icebreakers are an effective way to break the ice. Virtual events are also an excellent way to engage youth and young adults. By bringing the youth to virtual events, you can create an engaging environment for them to feel connected to the church. This will not only build community, but will also attract new members.

One of the best virtual icebreakers is “Sell It,” an activity that requires little preparation. Participants must take an item from a desk and explain what it is to the other participants. They can even set a price for it. The participants have about a minute to make a sales pitch and answer any questions.

Choosing games that aren’t too competitive

If you have a church group that meets virtually, it is important to choose virtual icebreakers that are not too competitive. These games are designed to get people acquainted with each other and allow shy people to introduce themselves. A low-competition game is the best option for a church group because everyone gets to participate and have a good time.

Another great choice for a church icebreaker is a Bible reading game. This type of game will involve interacting with others by requiring them to read a Bible verse aloud. It is the perfect spiritual introduction. It is also great for a group that hasn’t met before.