Virtual Icebreakers for Church Groups

virtual icebreakers for church groups

One of the best ways to build community in church groups is to play icebreaker games. Whether you are using a board game or an app, there are many options for games you can play. Nine Square, Keeping the Balloon in the Air, The Game Gal “This or That,” Zoom, and others are some of the most popular icebreakers that you can play.

Nine Square

A good way to get a group of people interacting is by playing one of the many Nine Square virtual icebreakers. These games are fast and fun, and they allow you to get everyone involved. The group should form a circle and cross their arms. Each team member must then grab the hand of someone in the circle who is not on their team. Once all the teams have a handle on each other’s hands, they must work together to untangle the knot. The goal is to get as many people as possible to work together and to listen to one another.

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One way to make the game more fun is to vary the facts that are being told. For example, some people are likely to give short answers about their daily lives, while others will give longer and more honest answers. It is also helpful to set a time limit for each person to prepare their answers, so that people can take their time. The game can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how many people are in the group.

Keeping the Balloon in the Air

This game involves a balloon and a paper or plastic fan. Participants form teams of three to five people and compete by keeping the balloon in the air. Each team has a timekeeper, who records the time that the balloon remains in the air. The team with the longest balloon in the air wins. This game is especially fun when a group of new people is forming.

The icebreaker can be adapted to a wide variety of settings. In a church group, it can be adapted to be age-appropriate. Old television shows may make an interesting input for this game. Each team member must write three unknown facts about themselves. Two of the facts must be true, and the third must be false. The group then votes on the fact that is false. This icebreaker is an excellent way to get to know the members of your group, no matter what your group’s age. The activity can be played with an erase board, individual note cards, or colored paper.

The Game Gal “This or That”

The Game Gal “This or That” virtual activity is an icebreaker that is perfect for large groups. A leader reads out a series of prompts and participants answer with their preference. You can use the Zoom reaction feature to record the responses, or have participants write down their answers or type them in chat. This fun game helps groups find something in common and can encourage lively debate. It also gives participants a sense of solidarity among team members.


One of the best ways to break the ice during a Zoom virtual meeting is to play games together. Try “Find That Object,” which lets you create a game with a specific list of objects and a set time limit. It will not only get the group involved, but it will also serve as an effective icebreaker for a church group.

You can even create a contest for each person in the Zoom session. For example, you can have a competition to see who can come up with the most creative and original screen. Another fun activity is to get everyone to share their favorite photo. This way, everyone gets to know each other better.

Another fun way to break the ice is to create a virtual home tour. You can have your group visit different rooms or just one room. Another one of the best Zoom icebreakers is “WHO’S IN THE BUBBLE.” For this game, participants must describe the people who interact with them the most. Most likely, this will be their family members and close friends.