Virtual Icebreakers For Church Groups

virtual icebreakers for church groups

Setting up an online Zoom meeting with a fun background and a few icebreakers can help create a welcoming environment and foster meaningful connection. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up a Bible squeeze relay and use two truths and a lie to engage participants. Listed below are some more fun virtual icebreaker ideas. Try them out for your next virtual meeting! We hope you enjoy them!

Create a safe environment for meaningful connection with icebreakers

A few of the best virtual icebreakers for church groups involve asking people about God. Everyone wants to know answers to unanswered questions, and you can use this technique to break the ice at a group meeting. You can ask individuals, partners, or the entire group to write down their questions. These questions can be used to stimulate discussion, as long as no one is offended by the answers.

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Virtual icebreakers for church groups can be used to connect individuals before or after church gatherings. They are an easy way to build community, and they can help a small group last long. Make sure that you choose icebreakers that are easy for everyone to perform and don’t feel threatening to participants. Match the individuals who will be in your group so they can get to know each other.

Set up a Zoom session with interesting backgrounds

If you want to set up a Zoom session for a church group, there are many ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is to use an attractive background for your session. Many church groups have interesting backgrounds, but you can customize your own to fit your group’s needs. Try a few different options to see which one fits best for your group. Once you’ve found a background that suits your needs, set up your Zoom session to reflect that theme.

You can use ASHE images as virtual backgrounds for Zoom sessions. Just right-click on the background image and choose “Save Image As.” Alternatively, you can upload your own image. This way, your church group will not only be able to see a picture of the sanctuary or the school, but will also have an enjoyable time sharing photos. You can also make the backgrounds as interactive as possible by inviting participants to take a photo and share it during the session.

Set up a Bible squeeze relay

If you want to set up a fun and engaging icebreaker for your next bible study group, try a Bible Squeeze Relay. This icebreaker focuses on getting to know each team member and connecting on a spiritual level. The participants are paired up and must form a line. One person at each end of the line squeezes the hand of the next person. After the first person is squeezed, he passes the squeeze to the next person.

Divide the group into teams. Each team member has a Bible, and the goal is to see which team member can locate the first scriptural reference. You can use a concordance if you need one. You can make this exercise easy or difficult depending on the knowledge level of the group. You can also play this Bible icebreaker at the beginning of a Bible class. The team with the most Bible knowledge wins!

Use two truths and a lie as an icebreaker

To use two truths and a lie as an effective icebreaker for church groups, select a question that will get everyone talking. For example, “What do you like best about summer?” will elicit an enthusiastic response from almost everyone. Then, have the group guess how long the person has been a Christian. In the following minutes, everyone will be surprised at the diversity of answers.

Whether your group is Christian or not, this icebreaker activity can ease awkwardness and open up dialogue. Everyone wants to know the answer to a question that they aren’t sure is true. The activity is best for smaller groups of adults and can also be adjusted to suit the group size and Biblical studies level of your congregation. However, if you are running a church group for teenagers, this activity can be a powerful conversation starter.