Virtual Icebreakers For Church Groups

A good list of virtual icebreakers for church groups can be found in this article. It contains games such as Autographs, Nine Square, and Two Truths and a Lie. All of them encourage people to talk to each other and learn more about each other. Many of these games can also be incorporated with a spiritual message. But be sure to choose games that will make the most of your time with church groups.

Nine Square

Whether your church group is large or small, you can use the concept of icebreaker games to break the ice. Virtual check-in games are a popular way to introduce your attendees. This game will encourage conversation among members and get them to share details about themselves. As a bonus, they can even serve as spiritual messages. Try these fun games to make your next church group outing a success.

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A simple icebreaker game that allows participants to meet and get to know each other is the caricature activity. Everyone in the group draws a picture of themselves and tells the other participants their favorite feature about themselves. The goal of the activity is to get everyone on the same page and have a good time. Unlike the traditional game, this game will make everyone feel comfortable in a group setting.

Two truths and a lie

If you’re having a small gathering with new people, try using Two Truths and a Lie as a virtual icebreaker. The game involves asking each person to tell two truths and one lie. The person with the highest score wins. To make the game more interesting, have each person prepare two or three questions and post them on the board. Group members can guess who is telling the truth and who is lying.

One of the best ways to find Christian icebreakers is to look for old TV shows that may provide interesting input. Choosing a theme for your group can help them select the background images. A game like “Two Truths and a Lie” can be adapted to fit a Christian theme. The participants write down two true facts about themselves and one lie. After the questions are answered, the group votes on which fact is true and which is a lie. The outcome of the game can be a pleasant surprise.


If you’re looking for an interesting icebreaker game for a church group, consider using autographs. This popular and fun icebreaker activity allows group members to get to know one another by introducing themselves. Ask each group member to write down three unknown facts about themselves–two are true and one is false. Then, each group member should draw a picture of the person whose name they wrote on their sheet.

Using icebreakers is not limited to church gatherings. Using Christian-themed games as icebreakers will put your church group members at ease and prepare them for deeper discussions. Incorporate these activities into your church’s worship and fellowship times to build a community that fosters trust and mutual respect. Here are some examples of Christian-themed icebreakers:

Team shape shifting

When planning an upcoming church event, try hosting a virtual icebreaker. These fun activities will foster relationships and keep your meeting personalized. When your attendees feel comfortable, they’re more likely to participate in other aspects of the event. For example, you can send each team a link to a virtual drawing pad and encourage everyone to create a cartoon character of themselves. Once everyone finishes the virtual icebreaker, they can display and discuss their drawings and why they chose it.

Team shape-shifting virtual icebreakers for church groups