Which App is Better For Online Meetings?

which app is better for online meetings

There are many different options when it comes to setting up online meetings. Depending on your needs, you can use a paid or free app to hold meetings. Each app in this list has different features, and they all have free trials. Take a look at the list below to determine which one is best for your needs.


Zoom is a better option for online meetings than Skype and other competing platforms. The service offers the ability to host a meeting, invite people, and monitor the meeting. It also offers in-meeting controls, such as locking and suspending the meeting, enabling a waiting room, and more. Users can easily manage their meetings, whether they’re large or small.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Zoom works with smartphones and PCs and has a chat feature, as well as screen and document sharing. It can even support whiteboarding. Zoom is free, and there are no installation or set-up requirements. It also allows you to share materials and screens and is extremely easy to use.

Google Meet

The two popular online meeting tools, Zoom and Google Meet, are both great for holding meetings. Both can be used for one-on-one meetings, small groups, and even large events. Zoom offers more flexibility and features for screen sharing, while Google Meet is better suited for simple meetings and group interactions. In addition to their similar features, both programs offer a number of other benefits, as well.

Google Meet has robust security features. It uses automated network and access monitoring and uses machine learning to detect and prevent malicious activity. It also uses anti-abuse features and a multitude of third-party security certifications. You can also enroll in Google’s Advanced Protection Plan to further protect your meetings. However, despite its high security standards, customer support is lacking.


Compared to audio-only conference calls, video-conferencing increases attention, saves time, and facilitates better collaboration. It also streamlines communication, improves the customer experience, and makes your organization more efficient. Lifesize is a great option for online meetings because of its professional look and feel. It has high-quality 4K video, clear audio, and a reliable connection. Lifesize also supports 15 different languages, allowing you to hold meetings in multiple languages.

The Lifesize app provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to switch between audio and video meetings with a touch. It also includes features like audio bridge, one-touch escalation, and group video calls. The app also allows you to schedule meetings and manage users in a centralized management console.


ClickMeeting is an online meeting app that provides a high-quality meeting experience. The app provides a number of features, including a glossary, information graphics, video tutorials, and webinars. It also supports a range of different languages and accepts PayPal and major credit cards. In addition to its excellent customer support, ClickMeeting has a well-organized knowledge base and a well-designed website.

ClickMeeting features a whiteboard feature that allows users to use arrows, text boxes, and drawing tools to enhance the presentation. It is especially beneficial for businesses who frequently deliver presentations or demos. It offers a variety of tools and is constantly updated with new features. The app even has private chat capabilities, so participants can ask each other questions.


Clariti is a powerful online meeting tool that supports group and one-to-one audio calls without the need for additional apps. Clariti does not require a passcode or meeting id to join meetings and it also features a simple user interface. Its other features include missed call indicators and automatic reminders for group calls. It also enables users to share documents, images, or videos and view engineering CAD files.

Clariti offers advanced document sharing, a whiteboard, and annotation capabilities. This makes your meetings more interactive and productive. Moreover, it enables you to view multiple documents at a time and easily connect with your team or guests on any device. It can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, allowing you to manage spikes in demand with seamless scaling. You can even use the hybrid cloud service to add more capacity as needed.