Why Online Meetings Are Bad

why online meetings are bad

There are several reasons why online meetings are bad. First, they tend to be boring, with a few attendees playing games like CounterStrike while the meeting is taking place. Secondly, they can be very distracting. Sometimes people have even been known to play a game of CounterStrike in the meeting, which could be distracting for everyone. Third, online meetings can be difficult to conduct, so people may be tempted to multitask during the meeting.

Problems with screen sharing

One of the most convenient ways to conduct virtual meetings is through screen sharing, which allows participants to view each other’s screens and discuss relevant information. However, screen sharing can have some drawbacks. Not only can it disrupt the productive momentum of a meeting, but it can also reveal confidential information. It’s best to close any documents you’re working on before joining the session to avoid spilling sensitive information. Here are some common problems you might face when using screen sharing in an online meeting.

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The first problem that might cause screen sharing to be unavailable is an outdated version of the app. Make sure the Recipient has updated the app. Sometimes, a restart can solve this problem. For Macs, go to the Apple menu. On a PC, go to the Start menu and select the power option. Then, click on Restart. If you’re still having trouble, install the latest version of the app on the recipient’s computer.

Ineffective communication

If you’re using an online meeting software, you might be experiencing ineffective communication. While this type of communication can be beneficial, it can also pose a number of challenges. If you don’t know how to communicate with your clients effectively, you might struggle to complete your course. If you’re a tutor, you may find it challenging to communicate with your students. This is why effective communication strategies are vital when teaching.

The cost of ineffective meetings can amount to hundreds of billions of dollars every year. For example, the average American employee makes $60,000 per year, so these costs could easily mount up. However, if you consider that 39% of those attendees doze off during meetings, you’ll see that this can add up quickly. And because ineffective meetings take up time and money, they can be extremely costly to your company. This is why 80% of people prefer to communicate virtually.


Online meetings have a variety of benefits. For example, they don’t pollute the air. However, there are certain hidden environmental costs associated with this type of communication. For example, an hour audio call will use 36 MB of data per person, compared to 540 MB for high-definition video. These costs aren’t always directly related to the technology used, such as the quality of the audio. In addition, many organizations have begun saving their meetings for future viewing.

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Video conferencing is the best way to ensure that you and your colleagues are present and attentive during the meeting. In addition, you can see each other’s faces clearly, reducing the chances of multitasking. The downside of multitasking is that it is just as bad for your mental health as not sleeping. To avoid this, you should make sure that everyone in the meeting has video turned on and attend the meeting only for the relevant portions.

Another negative effect of multitasking during a meeting is that it may lead to people repeating themselves and interrupting other participants. In addition, the agenda may not flow smoothly. The meeting could last much longer than it should, and less is accomplished. Although multitasking may increase productivity in the short term, its long-term effects can affect the entire team. To prevent multitasking while presenting, it is best to focus on one thing at a time.

Lack of formality

While an online meeting may not always have the same degree of formality as a face-to-face meeting, technology can help you automate some of the best practices. For instance, Otter automatically records meetings with Teams and Zoom and provides follow-up notes. You can even add a recording of your meeting as a PDF. To ensure that everyone in the meeting knows exactly what you talked about, follow these tips.