Why Online Meetings Are Better Than in-Person Meetings

why online meetings are better

You may be wondering why online meetings are better than in-person meetings. There are a few good reasons. One of them is distance. A physical meeting with 25 people or more may not allow everyone to interact effectively. In an online meeting, web conferencing tools are used to enable participants to interact with one another.

Distance makes it more efficient to hop on a virtual meeting

If distance is an issue, hopping on a virtual meeting is a great option. These meetings are much shorter than conventional meetings, and can be more effective for a variety of reasons. For example, time differences are less of an issue, so you won’t be stuck in a meeting late at night. Coffee can’t save you from a late night virtual meeting, and you may also end up distracted or multi-tasking.

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Another reason to consider a virtual meeting is convenience. It can save you time by cutting down on travel time. Since you don’t have to drive to a conference or meet in person, you can hold a meeting from any location – city, state, or country. Plus, you can do so with greater efficiency than you could with a traditional face-to-face meeting.


Online meetings can be a great way to facilitate collaboration. They can be held with two or more participants and can include optional video. This adds a more personal touch to the experience and allows participants to see how the other person is reacting to their comments. They also allow for real-time collaboration, which can increase productivity and save time. Furthermore, they can help remote workers feel less isolated.

The downside of virtual meetings is that they can waste valuable time. The lack of physical presence can make participants less productive and result in meetings that are more about status reports than getting the job done. Virtual meetings can be better for collaboration if they follow a well-planned agenda and allow team members to focus on project details. Ideally, each meeting should end with a specific task or outcome.


To ensure that the audience is engaged in your meetings, you must make the meetings visually appealing. Use videos to illustrate your points, provide levity, and capture the audience’s attention. Also, include warm-up exercises. These can relax people and give them a boost in energy. You can also incorporate stretches to reduce muscle tension and give the brain a quick jolt.

To keep your team engaged, make your meetings fun and exciting. For example, you can make the backgrounds of the virtual meeting fit into the meeting theme. You can also use emojis as an effective way of showing your appreciation to your team members.


Online meetings can be challenging to manage, but they can be an effective way to connect with company stakeholders and save money on travel expenses. However, you should avoid making your meeting too long and include only the people who are most relevant. These tips can make your online meetings more productive and keep your participants engaged.

In an increasingly remote world, running an effective meeting has become a challenge. When employees are required to participate in a meeting, they often have to sacrifice their own time, which can easily lead to a lack of focus. In addition, many meetings tend to be unproductive, as the people involved do not get the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and skills. Therefore, meetings should be conducted only when absolutely necessary and should have a clear agenda. The goal should be to get everyone to focus, leave with clear next steps, and not waste valuable time.