Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

Zoom church activities are a great way to engage the congregation in some fun and exciting activities. One family can give a presentation every evening about any topic or problem, and other families can follow along. While many people complain about boredom and turn to television all day, these virtual games help keep members engaged and in tune with each other. While they are particularly fun for children and youth, adults can also benefit from participating in these games.


This popular church activity for children helps them learn about the Bible using creative techniques and different tools. It can be played during Sunday school or Bible School or family scripture studies. In addition to the traditional Charades game, you can also use this activity to engage the congregation through Bible stories. For example, you can assign Bible characters and have members act out the stories. To start, you’ll need a microphone and an empty paper towel roll. You can also use any type of microphone.

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Charades is a great way to engage youth in meaningful conversation. The kids can even act out Bible characters and try to guess the correct answers. The moderator can award points for correct guesses. The game teaches students non-verbal communication skills, which is essential in today’s society.


Jeopardy at Zoom is a fun online game that tests the knowledge of a group of people on a variety of topics. It allows users to customize the theme and the difficulty level of the game, and can be played by large or small groups. Players have to come prepared with a joke or talent to show off before they start the game.

This fun game allows participants to interact with one another in a meaningful way. Youth should prepare a talent or joke beforehand, and then they must perform it in front of the group. This will help build teamwork and encourage creativity. Additionally, it will teach participants about scripture and create community.


Crafts at Zoom church activities are a wonderful way to connect with your children and teach them about God. Craft projects are not only fun for children, but they also provide a fun way for them to learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. This creative process helps kids develop clearer thinking and reduce stress. Moreover, the activities are great for younger children.

You can do interactive Bible story presentations using different tools and creative techniques. For example, you can assign a Bible character to each child and have them act out the story. For this activity, you’ll need a microphone and an empty paper towel roll.

Jeopardy at Zoom

Jeopardy at Zoom is a fun, interactive game that challenges the knowledge of a group of participants on different subjects. This game is customizable and can be used for large or small groups. You can create your own categories and themes, assign a score keeper, and even customize it for a specific church year. This online game is a great way to engage your church’s youth in a fun, interactive activity.

Using Zoom, you can create an icebreaker game by asking questions to the group using the Zoom function. You can also create short quizzes or “Would You Rather?” questions. To help you with icebreaker questions, you can download a list of questions that you might want to ask your participants. You can also use clapping and thumbs up as impromptu icebreakers.

Jeopardy in the waiting room

Using Zoom’s rich feature set to enhance training can help organizations up their training game. The Jeopardy game, for example, allows groups to select answers from a shared slide deck and raise their hands. In a recent Zoom church activity, one team used this feature to deliver its training course in a fun and interactive way. The results showed that participants were more engaged, and the subject matter was more easily understood.