Zoom Church Activities to Keep Your Congregation Engaged

Zoom church activities

You might want to consider some of these Zoom church activities to keep your congregation interested and engaged. They might include games, crafts, Bible study, or Jeopardy. The possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun and benefit from the interaction, but make sure to check the requirements for each activity before starting. Here are some examples. Read on to learn more. This article will cover the basics of Zoom church activities. Also, check out these tips for hosting a fun and memorable event.


One of the easiest ways to engage students in a Zoom church activity is through games. Games can include a trivia question that the participants can answer or an activity where students must choose a category from a list. For instance, a popular game is Sunday School Pictionary, which has players guessing what the drawing is. These activities are also great for getting students moving. Here are some ideas for fun Zoom games. They can be simple and fun to play, as well as be shared with others.

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Bible Mad Gab – Players take turns asking questions and answering with phonetically similar words. Bible characters can be assigned and acted out before the zoom time begins. There are many other Bible-themed games available. Bible Mad Gab is an excellent game for groups of all ages, and can be played via the zoom chat function. It can be played in small groups and at any time during the Zoom church activity. Depending on the size of the group, each person can be assigned to a different character.


Many parents are used to traditional Sunday school activities, including craft projects, but they can be useful and helpful additions to Zoom church activities. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with their children while watching a virtual formation video online. In addition to incorporating simple art projects, Zoom churches can also upload photos to a shared Google Drive folder so that parents can see the progress of their child’s development. These pictures will be an ongoing reminder of what they’ve learned in church.

To get started, ask women to volunteer to do a craft or game. They may enjoy cooking, or they might prefer to play a game. You may want to hold a talent show to attract prospective church members. Prepare the activity ahead of time so that it will be easier to capture on screen. Some talents will show up better than others, so be sure to have something that your participants will love. You can have a dance routine, a magic trick, or a storybook reading. Preschoolers can also try to stack blocks into the tallest tower.


A popular game for churches is Jeopardy at Zoom. You can play it online, or create a customized board game for your group. Add a score keeper and a theme for your church’s game. Or, you can play an online version and share your screen. There are many options, and you can create as many categories as you like. Whether you want to play the game online or in the church, Zoom can help your congregation bond.

Another popular activity is a version of Jeopardy with an impromptu karaoke game. The group can be divided into teams, and a moderator will share a screen and click through the slides. Participants can guess who is singing a song during the game. Once the song is complete, the students can try to guess who is the leader. This activity will also give parents and students an idea of what to expect.

Bible study

If you have a Bible study group, you may have wondered if you can hold an online Bible study fellowship using Zoom. You can use this online tool from home. All you need is a Zoom account and the group members can set up a date to study the Bible together. You can then easily share the video conference link with everyone else. Here are some tips to hold a successful Zoom Bible study fellowship. These activities are fun and easy to conduct.

First of all, you should make sure to make time for Bible study. Even if you are not an experienced Bible student, you can attend a Zoom church activity for Bible study. You can even join a book group to get an overview of biblical studies. You can contact Ellis to learn more about this activity. He will also help you find the right book for your reading group. You should know that all members of the group are welcome to join.

Small group meetings

Many churches are turning to Zoom for their small group meetings to remain connected with their members. While Zoom meetings are similar to in-person gatherings, they are different enough that church leaders need to have a conversation about expectations before using Zoom to hold meetings. For example, it may be difficult to replicate the feeling of community and belonging in a Zoom meeting, but that’s okay. Zoom allows people to stay connected and share their spiritual journey with others.

To make sure that everyone is on the same page, make sure you have a buffer time for each person to arrive. You can do this by muting people if necessary or by asking an icebreaker question. If you’re meeting in a darkened room, try using the mute button or using a light that is behind or in front of you. Don’t rush through the time together. Be sure to close with a prayer.

Bible study on Zoom

Using Zoom for church activities can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including Bible study. Zoom allows people to connect with one another, hold discussions, and organize meetings with the same purpose, so everyone knows what is expected of them. Bible studies on Zoom are also beneficial for church groups that want to expand their reach. The Bible study can be held in any place, so long as participants have access to the Zoom platform. It is also possible to plan a Zoom Bible study on a specific date, so that all participants can attend the same session.

Bible study on Zoom has many benefits, including video capabilities, which can be especially beneficial for large groups. Videos and interactive activities can help participants learn more about the Bible. Many people find that Bible drills can be a fun way to teach kids about Jesus. With Zoom, you can even make them interactive by using the chat function. You can ask women in the congregation to share a devotional teaching or their personal testimony. After the study, everyone can take turns answering questions in a game that is related to the Bible lesson.