Zoom Church Activities to Keep Your Family Connected

Zoom church activities

If you’re planning a family reunion this year, there are lots of ways to have fun while still staying connected with your church family. You can choose from different types of games and craft projects. You can even present a topic or problem that your family is having. The rest of your family can follow along as you give the presentation. Many people complain about boredom, so this is a great way to keep everyone engaged. This is especially beneficial for the youth, but you can also use this to connect with members of other age groups.


If you’d like to engage your youth in church Zoom activities, consider giving them a task to complete. For example, in this activity, you can assign each youth a different character from the Bible and have them act out the story. For this activity, you’ll need a paper towel roll and a microphone. The idea is that each youth has a particular time for the activity.

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Using a Zoom camera, you can easily play charades with a group. A moderator can divide the participants into equal teams of three or four, and each member must act out words or phrases for the other players to guess. While acting, players can type in their guesses in the chat box, shout out answers, or type in answers using the microphone. Since the Zoom camera window does not allow for much drama, it’s important to choose words wisely. If you’re running out of ideas, you can also use a charades generator to generate prompts.


Jeopardy is a great game to test a group’s knowledge on a particular topic. You can choose fun topics such as the Bible, Jesus, or even a recent Taylor Swift song. When organizing a Jeopardy event, it helps to have a team leader and a scorekeeper. A Google Slides template can help you prepare the quizzes and categories. The game is fun for youth groups, and it can also be modified for church activities.

Jeopardy at Zoom is an online game that allows you to test the knowledge of your church group on a wide range of topics. It allows you to create a theme, assign a score keeper, and even customize the game with a church year. It’s a great way to bring everyone together in the same room but allows for greater flexibility.


Crafts at Zoom church activities are a great way to get younger children involved in church. These activities are also a great way to introduce the concept of God to them. Children who are younger tend to find the creative process to be very relaxing and can give them a deeper understanding of the gospel.

Crafts at Zoom church activities can be anything from a Bible story presentation to an interactive game like Jeopardy. Participants can test their knowledge of biblical stories and play the part of different Bible characters. An empty paper towel roll or another simple tool can be used to act out the story. You can also have the entire congregation participate in this activity to engage everyone.

Jeopardy at Zoom

Jeopardy at Zoom is a fun and effective way to test your group’s knowledge on a topic. You can customize the game to fit the theme of your church and use your own score keeper. You can also conduct the game online with your Zoom group. You can use the same game to test your group’s knowledge of Jesus and the Bible.

This game is a fun way to teach and practice your church teachings while engaging the youth in meaningful conversation. The participants will learn about important topics as they work together to answer the questions correctly. This game requires preparation such as PowerPoint slides and a group discussion.

Bible story presentations

Engaging Bible story presentations can be part of your Zoom church activities. Using a variety of tools and creative techniques, you can create an interactive story. For example, you can assign members of the congregation the role of a Bible character and have them act out the story. You can also use a microphone and an empty paper towel roll.

Besides the traditional Sunday school activities, you can also incorporate craft projects into Zoom church activities. These projects provide a great opportunity for children to learn about God. Crafts are particularly popular with younger children and are great ways to share God with children.