Zoom Church Activities to Spice Up Your Gatherings

Zoom church activities

There are countless ways to spice up your church gatherings and keep your attendees entertained. Try playing games such as Jeopardy, Crafts, Bible story, Charades, and more. Here are some ideas to get you started. Listed below are some of our favorite Zoom church activities. We hope these will be fun, memorable, and helpful. Regardless of the age of your audience, these activities will provide a lot of fun and laughter!


For an interactive game, try organizing a “Jeopardy” at Zoom church activity. Each team has a leader and a few clues, and the leaders are the only people who can see the contents of the box. The team that wins must guess the true story. You can even create your own game using Google Slides. Create categories for each year of the church, such as “Lamentations” or “Taylor Swift”.

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A variety of activities are available for children during the Zoom church gathering, including games and art activities. Children in grades K-5 will enjoy this event, which is hosted by Dawnya. Other activities include a time of worship. If you need some ideas, you can ask the women in your group for suggestions. You can also hold a craft session by incorporating the Zoom whiteboard feature, where you can use the whiteboard to play games such as Pictionary.

One of the best ways to engage children in church is through craft projects. The traditional Sunday school activity of making crafts is a welcome addition for parents. A variety of simple art projects, paired with virtual formation videos, can be a great resource. You can also invite your children to share photos from their completed crafts in a shared Google Drive folder. A calming atmosphere makes it easy for parents to participate, too. And, since children are naturally drawn toward colorful projects, this option is great for kids.

Bible story

When using Zoom for your church activities, you can choose to share a Bible story. This can be a great way to engage everyone and teach them about the importance of faith. You can assign different Bible Characters to various participants, and they can act out the story during zoom time. Some kids might have questions about Jewish tradition, but this is an excellent way to emphasize that the Gospel is for everyone. Here are some suggestions for making the story interesting.

Play a Bible verse whispering game. This is a fun game for kids or adults of any age. Line up each person side-by-side, and have them repeat a verse aloud. This activity keeps them engaged and interested in the lesson. In this way, children can understand the lesson while having fun at the same time. For a more active game, consider using sidewalk chalk to draw pictures or illustrations from the Bible story.


When you want to spice up the boringness of your Zoom church activities, consider a game of Charades. This classic game involves asking questions to each other, pretending to be someone you don’t know, and figuring out who’s right. The whole group can play at one time, or each player can take turns acting out a specific character. The more people that participate, the more fun the game will be.

You can use a website like charadesgenerator.com to select your movie genre, and there’s even an inbuilt timer for the game. To play Charades on Zoom, all you need to do is launch a Zoom meeting. Then, you’ll need a device that runs Zoom calls. Make sure everyone in the Zoom call keeps the video feed on and plays at their own pace, as the game can get very silly fast!