Zoom Church Activities

The Zoom password is available in the “At St. John’s” section of our website. Several Zoom church activities are held in the waiting room. Click on any of them to view the activities. If you’re not sure where to find the password, see “At St. John’s” for more information. You’ll be able to learn more about the topics discussed. You can also download a PDF version of the password in “At St. John’s.”

Lesson plan

A lesson plan for Zoom church activities can be used to help students learn the basic prayers of the Catholic church. This plan contains activities and videos related to the Sunday school lesson. One of the activities is to play “Pictionary”, which involves drawing a picture related to the lesson and the players try to guess what it is. The activity can be played with a partner online or in the Zoom call. The students may also suggest a prayer or start one if they know it already.

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A fun game for the kids to play is Bible Mad Gab. Players can rewrite Bible passages with phonetically similar words. For example, the words “I love Jesus” are written in Hebrew. Using the zoom chat function, each participant can share their creation with the other group. Once the children have completed the mission, they can send the images back to the group. This activity is great for teaching children the Bible by acting out the story.


There are many games you can use during your church activities. One game suggests an online talent show, where participants prepare a funny story or act out a talent. Youth can play the game by themselves or with other participants. A game is more enjoyable when everyone takes turns. This game requires a good amount of prep work from the youth. Youth can even lead the activity by providing their own props. After the activity is over, they can present their creations to the congregation.

The most common way to engage students in Zoom church activities is through games. You can create a list of items and have students go and get them. This is a great way to keep students engaged and encourage them to interact with others. It’s also easy to create games that kids can play together. You can use any online conferencing tool, including Zoom, and create games that can engage a diverse group of people. Here are some great ideas for fun, creative games for Zoom church activities:


If you’re looking for ideas for craft activities, consider hosting a Sunday school class or group at Zoom. Residents can make beaded cross necklaces or decorate pine mezuzahs for Passover. If you’d like to make a game out of this activity, you can use photo editing software to create fake prices. Make sure to allow everyone a few minutes to speak. In addition, remember that the free account only allows you to use Zoom for 40 minutes.

Many churches have incorporated crafts into their weekly church activities. A good craft activity is a staple of Sunday school activities, but incorporating virtual formation videos with simple art projects can help families connect. One example is a family-created Google Drive folder for family pictures and videos. Another option is to upload pictures of the completed project into a shared folder for parents to view. These ideas have helped church families reach a goal of unity in their worship.

Keynote presentation

Whether your Zoom church activities are held online or on-site, a well-designed keynote presentation will make the event a success. This web-based application allows users to communicate with one another via video chat. However, the way that you use Zoom will determine how you use it. This tool is very versatile, and you may run into problems, such as participant fatigue, distraction, and disengagement. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems churches face when using this technology.

To make use of keynote on Zoom, first install the application on your computer. Download the free version. The installation process takes just a few minutes. The program also has a good support community, and if you’re unsure about anything, just watch a tutorial video or community forum. This software is free, and works with most modern browsers. Aside from being free, it has many advanced features, like the ability to create unlimited team accounts. It also allows you to use multiple presentations at the same time, including live streaming. It has a cloud-based account and integrates with the usual providers, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and YouTube. Additionally, the service has a great media library, with over sixteen thousand stills and motions in its partner media library. Creating a Keynote presentation is a breeze.


Whether you’re looking for a way to socialize with your church family or are attempting to increase your knowledge of Scripture and church beliefs, Jeopardy is a great game for church activities. A game like Jeopardy is perfect for a large group because everyone can contribute their knowledge. It is a fun way to break the ice and build community while teaching new members about your faith.

If you want to make your church activity more interactive, you can use Jeopardy Labs to create your own game. You can play on Zoom, from anywhere in the world! To make it easy to get started, you can purchase a $20 lifetime membership to use Jeopardy Labs. This membership will let you customize templates and add images to your games. You can even share the screen with Zoom so that everyone can play together.